Thursday, May 28, 2009

Haha, we really looks like lao XXXX .
right right?
To baby,
Whenever you think of me, please know that no matter
how many miles separate us or how much of our lives
comes between us, you are and always will be
the love of my life and I will never love anyone as much again.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Next Weeek start having TEST! OMGGGG!
Havent even start studying. Hah, anyway i myself also dont know what test i have for next weeek."Cat" presentation next weeek, DIE! not ready at allll.! -.-

"If you failed to prepare, Prepare to Fail."

More Pics on the gathering.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

5A Gathering! WOOOOOOO:x
Gonna Post the pictures soooon
Let the pictures talk. i keeep quiet. :x hehehes

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back alive?...

This blog is like damn dead. -.-
No long to blogg. Hmmmm, actually, is lazy to blog lahs.
Blog liao also no one see. LOL!
Like nooob. okay. nothing to say.
TMR 5A outing. looking forward!
I miss you guys.!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm So sickkkk!

Just went to see doctor, (fever and sore throat), it cost me $32 man. SO EXPENSIVE SIA!
Got mc for tomorrow, should i go to school?.
No idea, see how tomorrow morning then. Got mood and feeling ok then i go.
If not go there also suffer also right.. but some many people ask me go school. LOL!
Should i go just for the attendance?. hahahas
see how..
I hate my msn sia, keep dc one.
anyway, school is so tiring sia.. shit.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today went to Bmss take cert, then accompany olivia take her art pieces, but too badddd:x
Those art pieces were framed, which cost $120 for each.
OLIVIA TEO you should be proud man!
How i wish BernardGoh go frame my Workpiece also. LOL!
Met fabian at "GO", took the cert, and read the comment for me,
( Eddy attends school regularly and has been consistent in his work.)
Wondering who wrote the comments for me, Does this call "white lies"?. lols.
Olivia read the comment and her reaction was like KNS! SEE YOUR FACE LIKE AH BENG, blah blah blah... basket sia. Which part of my face look like gangster sia?. :xxx heheees.
Went to work place to claimed money and met jt&Zaihui there. hahahahahahahas!
Alfred go touch my arm and my shirt, " Eddy ah, where you buy your shirt ah?."
Got the kanna molest de feeling...LOLS! Kidding nia...
Alfred if you happen to see my blog, please dont sack me.:XX
Tomorrow will be working, and thurday also... Long time never work Big function already.
Looking forward, Who want to work.? They need staffs, call me if you want work. ASAP.
Went to FarEast, Evryone was so hungry, So go MakanMakan, i just rmb i forget call leroy.!
fuck sia...Sorry ahh.
Then shop awhile, only brought one lighter, Finally got my lighter. hahahaha.
Went for pool after that, One week want play how many time pool sia.! knn. LOL!
Just now spent one hour to change my Smiley Stub, broke my record already. Longest time to change one stub.

Gonna sleep already BYEEE.

Livia Swee swee art piece.